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2013 Camino Frances

Entry 1: Arriving In France

Entry 2: First Day, First Camino Moment

Entry 3: A Short Day To Viscarret

Entry 4: Making Connections

Entry 5: A Funny Coincidence

Entry 6: A Spectacular Fountain & Los Arcos

Entry 7: Pilgrim Stories

Entry 8: A Post Office Ordeal

Entry 9: Let Go of the Old

Entry 10: About Andrew

Entry 11: Forced to Slow Down

Entry 12: A Familiar Face

Entry 13: Another Goodbye

Entry 14: A Family Connection

Entry 15: The Children From Madrid

Entry 16: The Slow and Steady Tortoise

Entry 17: A Religious Experience

Entry 18: Missing My Camino Friends

Entry 19: An Irish Lullaby and the White Wolf

Entry 20: Old Roman Roads

Entry 21: A Camino Analogy

Entry 22: A Galician Tradition

Entry 23: House of the Gods

Entry 24: An Evening With Seven Countries

Entry 25: Reaching Cruz de Ferro

Entry 26: My Ordinary Day

Entry 27: The Climb to O’Cebreiro

Entry 28: Fever

Entry 29: The Camino Path and Life

Entry 30: The Last 100 Kilometres

Entry 31: A Metaphor for Life

Entry 32: Like Dirty Storm Water

Entry 33: Arrival

Entry 34: Party In Santiago

Entry 35: Leaving